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Fifth Inner Core Layer Of The Earth

Fifth Inner Core Layer Of The Earth:

The recent frequent earthquakes have helped scientists discover a new core. This fifth inner core is a solid ball of nickel and iron and is the innermost layer.

  • So far scientists believed that there are only four layers in the earth.
  • They are the outermost layer called the crust, and the middle layer called the mantle.
  • And the innermost layer is called the core.
  • The core is divided into two parts namely the inner core and the outer core.
  • Recently, scientists discovered that there is another layer in the core.
  • Unlike the inner core and outer core, this new fifth layer is solid.
  • It may be 650 km in diameter.
  • Scientists believed that the inner core of the earth is 2,440 km in diameter.
  • It is about 70% of the moon’s size.