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Odia Adikabi Sarala Das’s 600th Birth Anniversary

Odia Adikabi Sarala Das’s 600th Birth Anniversary:

The Vice President addressed Odia Adikabi Sarala Das’s 600th birth anniversary function in Cuttack.

  • Sarala Das was one of the great scholars of Odia literature.
  • He was the first scholar who wrote his works in Odia in 15th century A.D.
  • Best known for three Odia books, Mahabharata, Vilanka Ramayana and Chandi Purana.
  • He also wrote the book Laxmi Narayana Vachanika.
  • He started writing his Mahabharata in the reign of Kapileswar, otherwise known as Kapilendra, the famous Gajapati king of Odisha (AD 1435–67).

Odia Language:

  • Oldest of the eastern group of the Indo-Aryan family, Odia is derived from Ardhamagadhi Prakrit.
  • Odia is one of the six languages that got Classical Status in India.
  • A language officially “scheduled,” in the Indian constitution.