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Protests Over National Medical Commission Logo

Protests Over National Medical Commission Logo:

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has recently changed its logo, which has sparked a controversy among the medical fraternity.

  • The new logo features a colourful image of Dhanvantri, an avatar of Lord Vishnu who is considered the god of Ayurveda in Hindu mythology.
  • The new logo also replaces the word ‘India’ with ‘Bharat’, and does not include the national emblem.
  • NMC officials justify Dhanvantri’s presence in the logo as a representation of India’s rich cultural and mythological heritage in the field of medicine.
  • The Indian Medical Association (IMA) contends that the revised logo may promote a specific religion and ideology, prompting the IMA to express reservations about religious symbolism in the visual identity of a vital medical institution.
  • IMA argues that the logo of any national institution ought to capture the aspirations of all our citizens in an equal manner and by remaining neutral in all respects thereby eliminating any possibility of any part or section of the society feeling aggrieved in any manner.
  • The logo change is also seen as disrespect to the constitution, as it undermines the secular and democratic values of the country.
  • The logo change is also seen as a contradiction to the scientific and evidence-based nature of the modern medical system, as it promotes a mythical and unproven system of Ayurveda.