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Red Tide On The Coast Of Florida

Red Tide On The Coast Of Florida:

Red tide has recently occurred on the coast of Florida. It generally disappears by spring. It has been found since the 1800s in the Gulf of Mexico

  • The ocean plants living in the sea grow uncontrollably and cause a bloom.
  • The bloom caused by red-coloured algae is called red tide.
  • It is harmful to fish, and marine mammals, and also has harmful effects on humans.
  • Red tide is caused by a toxic algae species known as Karenia brevis.
  • It occurs when the algae multiply in large numbers and form blooms, resulting in the water turning reddish-brown.
  • The algae produce brevetoxins, which are fatal for aquatic life and capable of making humans sick
  • The west coast of India is more prone to algal bloom.
  • Algae like diatoms, cyanobacteria, haptophytes, and raphiphytes cause an algal bloom in India.
  • Most of the algal blooms occur during the retreat of southwest monsoon and also during the pre-monsoon period.
  • The temperature and the conditions are more favourable than that of the east coast.