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Second National Sickle Cell Conclave on Sickle Cell Disease

Second National Sickle Cell Conclave on ‘Sickle Cell Disease:


The Minister of Tribal Affairs inaugurated the Second National Sickle Cell Conclave on ‘Sickle Cell Disease’. The Conclave is being held to mark the World Sickle Cell Day observed on 19th June 2021 every year.

  • It is characterized by a modification in the shape of the red blood cell from a smooth, donut-shaped into a crescent or half-moon shape.
  • These cells lack plasticity and can block small blood vessels, impairing blood flow. This condition leads to shortened red blood cell survival, and subsequent anaemia, often called sickle-cell anaemia.
  • This leads to chronic acute pain syndromes, severe bacterial infections, and necrosis (tissue death). Anaemia is a medical condition in which the red blood cell count or hemoglobin is less than normal.
  • Symptoms of anemia include Fatigue, Shortness of breath, Hair loss, etc.
  • Treatment: It can be managed by simple procedures including:
    • High fluid intake
    • Healthy diet
    • Folic acid/Iron supplementation
    • Pain medication
    • Vaccination and antibiotics for the prevention and treatment of infections
    • A number of other therapeutic measures.

Indian scenario:

  • Sickle cell disease (SCD), which is the most prevalent inherited blood disorder, is widespread amongst many tribal population groups in India

The disease in India is prevalent predominantly in Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, western Odisha, eastern Gujarat and in pockets of the Nilgiri Hills in north Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

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