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Severe Flood In Sikkim

Severe Flood In Sikkim:

The South Lhonak Lake in Sikkim experienced a breach, leading to severe flooding in downstream areas. This caused casualties and displacements in the state.

  • Glacial lakes are large bodies of water formed in front of, on top of, or beneath melting glaciers.
  • They can become increasingly dangerous as they expand, often dammed by unstable ice or sediment composed of loose rock and debris.
  • Rising global temperatures have led to rapid glacier melting in the Sikkim Himalayas, resulting in the formation and expansion of glacier lakes.
  • Sikkim Himalayas currently host more than 300 glacial lakes, with 10 identified as vulnerable to outburst floods.
  • South Lhonak Lake’s size has significantly increased over the past five decades, rendering it susceptible to GLOF events.
  • Earthquakes, such as a magnitude 4.9 quake in 1991 and a magnitude 6.9 event in 2011, have raised concerns about the potential triggering of GLOFs in the region.