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Solar DC Cooking System

Solar DC Cooking System:

The solar DC cooking technology was developed by the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI).

  • The CMERI is an institute under the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).
  • It is a Solar Energy based Cooking System which consists of a solar PV panel, charge controller, battery bank and cooking oven.
  • It provides a Clean Cooking Environment, Invertor-Less Direct Operation, Fast and Uniform Heating and a potential to save 1 ton Carbon Dioxide emissions per year/household.
  • It has 20-25% better efficiency and is more Economical in comparison with Conventional Solar based Cooking Systems which loses efficiency owing to AC-DC conversion.
  • The simple Technology Design also ensures Ease-of-Manufacturing and thus provides a substantial Economic Opportunity for the Micro-Industries.
  • It will cost in the range of Rs 65,000- Rs 70,000 and if Government subsidies are provided there will be a significant reduction in the price of the product.
  • Widespread usage the system can also play a critical role in achieving the target of 200 GW of Solar energy and also to save almost 290 million tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions.
  • Along with the widening of the popularity base of Technology, there is a probability of improvement in Job Prospects.