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Surya Tilak Project

Surya Tilak Project:

The Surya Tilak Project, a remarkable endeavour, recently unfolded at Ayodhya, bringing sunlight to the forehead of Sri Ram Lalla.

  • The Surya Tilak Project represents a unique fusion of technology and tradition, meticulously engineered to illuminate the forehead of Lord Ram’s idol with a precise beam of sunlight during the revered festival of Ram Navami.
  • The Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) under the Department of Science and Technology was crucial in the Surya Tilak Project at Ayodhya.
  • The IIA team carried out the calculation of the sun’s position, design, and optimisation of the optical system for the Surya Tilak Project.
  • The Ram Navami date varies each year following the Gregorian calendar due to its solar nature, while the Hindu calendar is lunar-based.
  • The Gregorian calendar is based on Earth’s revolution around the Sun, making it a solar calendar with roughly 365 days in a year, whereas the Hindu calendar is based on the Moon’s revolution around Earth, making it a lunar calendar with roughly 354 days in a year.
  • The Surya Tilak with 4 mirrors and 2 lenses was executed, with IIA technical experts participating in testing, assembly, integration, and validation at the site.
  • The implementation of the optomechanical system at the site was done by Central Building Research Institute (CBRI)