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The Impact Of Disasters On Agriculture And Food Security Report

The Impact Of Disasters On Agriculture And Food Security Report:

A report by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reveals that natural disasters have resulted in approximately $3.8 trillion worth of crop and livestock production losses over the past 30 years.


  • The $3.8 trillion loss averages to $123 billion annually, equivalent to 5% of the global agricultural gross domestic product (GDP).
  • Major agricultural products such as cereals, fruits, vegetables, sugar crops, meats, dairy products, and eggs have experienced significant losses over the last three decades.
  • Cereal losses alone averaged 69 million tonnes per year, equivalent to France’s entire cereal production in 2021.
  • Fruits and vegetables, as well as sugar crops, witnessed average losses of 40 million tonnes per year.
  • Meats, dairy products, and eggs suffered an estimated loss of 16 million tonnes per year, comparable to the entire production of these products in Mexico and India in 2021.
  • Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas all experienced substantial agricultural losses due to disasters.
  • In Asia, losses accounted for 4% of agricultural added value, while in Africa, they amounted to nearly 8%.
  • Lower and lower-middle-income countries incurred the highest relative losses, up to 15% of their total agricultural GDP.
  • Small Island Developing States lost nearly 7% of their agricultural GDP due to disasters.
  • Agriculture, highly dependent on natural resources and climate conditions, is one of the most vulnerable sectors to disaster risk.
  • Recurrent disasters can undermine food security and the sustainability of agrifood systems.