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UNESCO Lists 50 Iconic Textile Crafts

UNESCO Lists 50 Iconic Textile Crafts:

UNESCO released a list of 50 exclusive and iconic heritage textile crafts of the country.

  • One of the major challenges to the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in South Asia is lack of proper inventory and documentation.

Some of the Important Textiles Crafts Listed:

  • Toda embroidery and Sungudi from Tamil Nadu
  • Himroo weaves from Hyderabad
  • Bandha tie and dye weaving from Sambalpur in Odisha
  • Kunbi weaves from Goa
  • Mashru weaves and Patola from Gujarat
  • Himroo from Maharashtra
  • Garad-Korial from West Bengal
  • Ilkal and Lambadi or Banjara embroidery from Karnataka
  • Sikalnayakanpet Kalamkari from Tamil Nadu
  • Khes from Haryana
  • Chamba rumals from Himachal Pradesh
  • Thigma or wool tie and dye from Ladakh
  • Awadh Jamdani from Varanasi