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Urban Flood Mitigation Project

Urban Flood Mitigation Project:

PM approves the first urban flood mitigation project for the ‘Integrated Urban Flood Management Activities for Chennai Basin Project (IUFM)‘

  • This initiative, under the National Disaster Mitigation Fund (NDMF), includes Central assistance of Rs. 500 crore and aims to make Chennai flood-resilient.
  • Chennai, once again, finds itself grappling with the devastating effects of floods, marking the third such calamity to besiege the metropolis in less than a decade.
  • The city’s struggle with extreme weather events has brought to light the increasing vulnerability of India’s urban landscape to sudden and severe flooding due to excessive rainfall.
  • IUFM is a holistic approach that stresses the interrelationship between socioeconomic development, environmental sustainability, and flood-risk management.
  • The ‘Integrated Urban Flood Management activities for Chennai Basin Project’ represents a proactive measure to address the challenges posed by urban flooding.
  • It is designed to enhance Chennai’s resilience to such natural disasters by implementing comprehensive flood management strategies.