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Green Voyage2050 Project

Green Voyage2050 Project: India has been selected as the pioneer lead country for the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Green Voyage2050 Project. Green Voyage2050 Project overall goal of the Project is to support effective implementation of the Initial IMO GHG Strategy. It provides support to developing countries in their efforts to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions from […]

Mesechinus orientalis : New Species Of Hedgehog

Mesechinus orientalis : New Species Of Hedgehog Scientists recently identified a new species of hedgehog, Mesechinus orientalis, living in the scrubland and subtropical forests of eastern China. Mesechinus orientalis is a new species of Hedgehog. It is currently known from southern Anhui and northwestern Zhejiang, both in eastern China. It is currently the southeasternmost species […]

Infinity Forum 2.0

Infinity Forum 2.0: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the 2nd Edition of the flagship Financial Technology event – Infinity Forum 2.0. Distinguished speakers from the Central and State Governments include Chief Minister of Gujarat Bhupendra Patel, Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal, and Minister for Railways, Communications and IT Ashwini Vaishnaw will […]

Urban Flood Mitigation Project

Urban Flood Mitigation Project: PM approves the first urban flood mitigation project for the ‘Integrated Urban Flood Management Activities for Chennai Basin Project (IUFM)‘ This initiative, under the National Disaster Mitigation Fund (NDMF), includes Central assistance of Rs. 500 crore and aims to make Chennai flood-resilient. Chennai, once again, finds itself grappling with the devastating […]

Fourth-Generation Nuclear Plant : China

Fourth-Generation Nuclear Plant : China China has launched the world’s first commercial operations of a fourth-generation gas-cooled nuclear reactor power plant, the Shidao Bay plant in eastern Shandong province. This plant utilizes small modular reactors (SMRs), which are high-temperature reactors cooled by gas instead of pressurized water. SMRs are considered more efficient and cost-effective and […]

Ban On Using Sugarcane Juice And Sugar Syrup For Ethanol Production

Ban On Using Sugarcane Juice And Sugar Syrup For Ethanol Production: The government has temporarily banned the use of sugarcane juice and sugar syrup for ethanol production due to uncertainties in cane output for the current season as per the Sugar (Control) Order 1966. The Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) forecasts a 9% reduction in […]

Potteromyces asteroxylicola : Old Fungus Fossil

Potteromyces asteroxylicola : Old Fungus Fossil Researchers discover a 407-million-year-old fungus fossil, Potteromyces asteroxylicola in the Rhynie Chert, marking the oldest evidence of fungi causing diseases. Potteromyces asteroxylicola was found infecting the ancient plant Asteroxylon mackiei, showcasing a predator-prey interaction that occurred while the plant was alive. The unique reproductive structures of Potteromyces, known as […]

Banni Grassland : Setup Of Cheetah Breeding And Conservation Centre

Banni Grassland : Setup Of Cheetah Breeding And Conservation Centre The Gujarat Government recently said that the Central Government has approved setting up a cheetah breeding and conservation centre in the Banni Grassland. Banni Grassland is located along the northern border of Kachchh district. It is one of the largest grasslands in the Indian subcontinent […]