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USA New Peace Initiative For Afghanistan

USA President’s New Peace Initiative:

The USA President has envisaged a New Peace Initiative (Plan) to decide on the roadmap for peace in Afghanistan.

  • Under the plan, the USA proposed a regional conference under the United Nations auspices with foreign ministers of the
  • USA, India, Russia, China, Pakistan and Iran to discuss a “unified approach” on Afghanistan.

USA President’s New Peace Initiative:

  • Delay in Withdrawal of Troops: This peace plan has kept open the possibility that the USA troops, currently deployed in Afghanistan, might stay on for a longer time.
  • Under the earlier USA- Taliban Deal, the USA had promised to withdraw all troops by May, 2021.
  • The USA is pressing the Taliban to accept an immediate agreement to reduce violence for 90 days that will provide the space for the peace initiative.
  • The USA will not be “dictating terms” to the Afghan parties, but facilitating an inclusive interim government, an agreement on the “foundational principles” for a new political order, and a “permanent and comprehensive ceasefire”.
  • The USA is asking Turkey to convene a meeting of the government in Kabul (capital of Afghanistan) and the Taliban to finalize a peace settlement.
  • The USA asked the United Nations to convene a meeting of the foreign ministers from China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, India, and the United States to develop a “unified approach” to peace in Afghanistan.