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What Are Animal Disease-Free Zones?

What Are Animal Disease-Free Zones?

In order to boost exports of value-added meat products, the Government of India has called on stakeholders to work towards the creation of region-specific animal disease-free zones in the country.

  • Animal Disease-free zone means a clearly defined part of a territory containing an animal subpopulation with a distinct health status with respect to a specific disease for which required surveillance, control and biosecurity measures have been applied for the purpose of international trade.
  • Animals are the life support system for our rural economy, they provide sustenance in difficult times and are a great source of nutrition, particularly proteins for the rural folk.
  • Animal Husbandry comes under the mixed farming practices.
  • Mixed Farming is an agricultural system in which a farmer conducts different agricultural practices together, such as cultivating cash crops and rearing livestock.
  • The aim is to increase income through different sources and to complement land and labour demands across the year.
  • India is the largest exporter of frozen and bovine meat while achieving significant growth in the export of organic honey and fish produce.
  • According to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), zoning is a risk management strategy for achieving the progressive control and eradication of animal diseases, and for providing guarantees for international trade.

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