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What is 2K Time Trial in Cricket?


The two-kilometer time trial — set at eight minutes and 15 seconds for fast bowlers and 8:30 for batsmen, spinners and wicketkeepers — has become mandatory for India’s centrally-contracted cricketers.

  • On a standard athletics track, the distance is covered in five laps of 400 metres each.
  • The timings can be measured with a stop-watch or an electronic clock.
  • The 2k time trial is a speed-endurance test, according to Ramji Srinivasan, the 2011 World Cup-winning Indian team’s strength and conditioning coach.
  • If an athlete meets the standard set for the time trial, he or she can be termed ‘fit’. Another benefit of the time trial is that it will help to redraw the fitness schedule of a cricketer if needed.
  • According to Srinivasan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and New Zealand also put cricketers through the time-trial test.
  • In the Yo-Yo test, two cones are placed 20 metres apart.
  • At the first beep, the athlete starts and must reach the cone at the other end before the second beep, and then turn and run back to cross the starting point before the third beep.
  • As the Yo-Yo test level gets tougher, the frequency of the beeps increases and the number of shuttles (up and down runs) also goes up before a player gets a short break.
  • Yo-Yo tests have been used in football for ages.