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What is World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF)?

World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF):

The Chief Minister of Delhi will represent Delhi and India at the World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF).

  • The date for this year’s annual summit is yet to be announced on the forum’s website.
  • Establishment: WCCF was established in London in 2012 with eight cities.
  • Member Cities: It has 43 participating member cities.
  • Participating member cities include London, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Lisbon, San Francisco, Shanghai, etc.
  • Delhi is invited this year but it is not a part of member cities.
  • It enables the policymakers of member cities to share research and intelligence and explores the vital role of culture in their future prosperity.
  • The activities of the World Cities Culture Forum are organized and delivered by BOP Consulting, a specialist consulting firm, on behalf of the Greater London Authority, London’s Municipal Government.
  • BOP conducts comparative research to measure the impact and importance of culture and creativity and shares it with the Forum so members can make evidence-based policy decisions.
  • World Cities Culture Summit: Forum members collaborate via a program of events including themed symposia, regional summits, and workshops.
  • These events feed into the annual World Cities Culture Summit.
  • Hosted on a rotating basis by member cities, this unique gathering allows city leaders to share ideas and knowledge about the role of culture as an organizing principle for the sustainable city of the future.
  • It is attended by Deputy Mayors for Culture and Heads of Culture from the member cities.
  • 2021 Theme: The Future of Culture.