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World Environment Day 2021

World Environment Day 2021:

The World Environment Day is observed on the 5th of June annually to encourage awareness and environmental protection.

World Environment Day:

  • The United Nations Assembly established World Environment Day in 1972, which was the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the human environment.
  • The theme for 2021: ‘Ecosystem Restoration’.
  • It will kick off the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030) – a global mission to revive billions of hectares, from forests to farmlands, from the top of mountains to the depth of the sea.
  • The theme for this year’s in India is ‘promotion of biofuels for a better environment’.
  • Host Nation: Pakistan will be the global host for 2021.
  • Initiatives Taken by India:
    • E-100 pilot project has been launched in Pune for the production and distribution of ethanol across the country.
    • The government is releasing the E-20 notification that will allow oil companies to sell 20% ethanol blended petrol from 1st April, 2023, and BIS specifications for ethanol blends E12 and E15.