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Kavach System : Data

Kavach System : Data As per a recent government release, the Kavach system, has so far been deployed on 1465 route km and 139 locomotives on South Central Railway sections. The sections include Lingamapalli – Vikarabad – Wadi and Vikarabad – Bidar section (265 Rkm), Manmad-Mudkhed-Dhone-Guntkal section (959Rkm) and Bidar-Parbhsection (241Rkm). KAVACH is an Automatic […]

Operation Storm Makers II

Operation Storm Makers II: Interpol’s “Operation Storm Makers II” has exposed a growing trend where human trafficking victims are forced to commit cyber fraud. The operation, involving Indian enforcement agencies, led to the arrest of 281 individuals across different countries on charges including human trafficking, passport forgery, corruption, telecommunications fraud, and sexual exploitation. The trend […]

Chandrayaan-3 : Propulsion Module Returns To Earth’s Orbit

Chandrayaan-3 : Propulsion Module Returns To Earth’s Orbit Scientists successfully brought the Propulsion Module (PM) of the Chandrayaan-3 mission, which brought the Vikram lander within 100 km of the Moon’s surface before detaching. This historic event involved a controlled descent to the lunar surface and a successful return to Earth orbit. India has launched a […]

Red Sprite

Red Sprite: The European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut photographed an uncommon occurrence termed a red sprite. Red sprite represents an extraordinary meteorological phenomenon categorized as a Transient Luminous Event (TLE). Sprite is also an acronym for Stratospheric/mesospheric Perturbations resulting from Intense Thunderstorm Electrification. Occasionally dubbed red lightning, it occurs above thunderclouds at altitudes between 40 […]