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Peucetia chhaparajnirvin : Spider Species

Peucetia chhaparajnirvin : Spider Species Daryapur-based arachnologist recently identified a green lynx spider, named Peucetia chhaparajnirvin, which was never discovered earlier. Peucetia chhaparajnirvin is a new species of green lynx spider. The spider was found in Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary in Churu district of Rajasthan. The spider species has been named Peucetia chhaparajnirvin after the […]

Salmonella Contamination

Salmonella Contamination: The United States has taken stringent measures in response to salmonella contamination in shipments from Mahashian Di Hatti Pvt Ltd (MDH). The situation underscores the importance of stringent quality control measures in food production and distribution. Authorities worldwide are closely monitoring such incidents to protect consumers and maintain food safety standards. Salmonella is […]