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36th National Games

36th National Games:

The 36th National Games was inaugurated by the Prime Minister in Gujarat.

  • The Olympic movement, which garnered the attention of the nation in the 1920s, includes the National Games.
  • The National Games in India were first envisioned as the Indian Olympic Games with the goal of promoting Olympic sports in the nation.
  • The first edition of the Indian Olympic Games at Lahore in an undivided Punjab in 1924.
  • The Indian Olympic Games were named as National Games beginning in 1940.
  • This competition sets athletes from several Indian states with one another in a variety of sporting disciplines.
  • 36th National Games:
    • The National Games, being held after seven years, will witness India’s best athletes compete in 36 disciplines in six cities of Gujarat.
    • Mascot: The Official mascot for the 36th National Games is “SAVAJ”, it portrays a sportsman’s most prominent personality traits of self-confidence, vigour, a strong sense of motivation, an inner desire to succeed, a strong sense of focus, a natural leader, and a goal setter