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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients:

Union Health Minister recently said that India has started manufacturing 38 active pharmaceutical ingredients, or APIs, in the last one and a half years.

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are the active components in a pharmaceutical drug that produces the required effect on the body to treat a condition.
  • APIs are produced by processing chemical compounds.
  • In a biologic drug, the active ingredient is known as a bulk process intermediate (BPI).
  • APIs are the key active components that interact with specific receptors or target molecules in the body to bring about the desired physiological or therapeutic response
  • All drugs are made up of two core components: (1) Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), which is the central ingredient, and (2) excipients.
  • Excipients are substances other than the drug that helps deliver the medication to your system.
  • Excipients are chemically inactive substances, such as lactose or mineral oil.
  • Some of these materials are used to help the medication remain stable and to control absorption when you take the drug.