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Air Gun Surrender Campaign

Air Gun Surrender Campaign:

Appealing people to not hunt animals and birds, Union Minister for Environment said that air gun surrender campaign will be launched across the country and retired forest workers, representatives of social organizations etc. will be roped in for the same.

  • He described the Air Gun Surrender Campaign of the Arunachal Government as an important initiative to save animals and birds from poaching and for their conservation
  • It is giving very positive results said that it will be started across the country and States will also be requested for this.
  • Air guns do not require any license. In such a situation, many people in our country hunt birds through air guns in every district and village. Due to this, the number of many birds is rapidly decreasing.
  • Union Minister for Environment also visited Itanagar Biological Park, the world’s first Hoolok Gibbon Breeding Canter and reviewed the work being done to save this species.