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Albino Indian Flapshell Turtle

Albino Indian Flapshell Turtle:

A rare species of Albino Indian Flapshell turtle was recently sighted by Mountaineers in Sirnapalli forest in Telangana’s Nizamabad.

  • The Indian flapshell turtle is commonly found in South Asian countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar.
  • The rare yellow color of the turtle may be due to the lack of a pigment called tyrosine present in high amounts in reptiles.
  • A genetic mutation or possible congenital disorder is likely responsible for the lack of tyrosine.
  • Indian flapshell turtles are typically are only 9 to 14 inches (22 centimeters to 35 centimeters) long, and like to eat frogs, snails and aquatic vegetation.
  • Conservation Status:
    • IUCN Red List: Vulnerable.
    • CITES: Appendix II.
    • Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972: Schedule I.