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Bio Asia Forum 2023

Bio Asia Forum 2023:

The State Government of Telangana, along with the Union Government, and several other international organizations organize the BIO ASIA forum in the Genome Valley.

  • The forum is one of the largest international biotech forums in the world.
  • And several leading biotech companies look forward to it.
  • In 2023, India joins hands with the UK government in hosting the forum.
  • The theme of the 2023 Bio Asia Forum :Shaping the Next Generation: Advancing for ONE
    • ‘O’ in ONE stands for One Health. It aims to integrate different ecosystems with the aim of safeguarding the future
    • ‘N’ in ONE stands for Next Generation Health. Under this, the forum will aim to use disruptive technologies in the biotech field. The disruptive technologies are Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, and data science
    • ‘E’ in ONE stands for Equity: Here, the aim is to provide quality health care for all