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Brucella canis

Brucella canis:

Three British citizens have been recently infected with Brucella canis, an incurable dog disease previously unknown in UK canines.

  • Brucella canis is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Brucella canis.
  • It is highly contagious between dogs.
  • It can cause infertility, mobility issues, and discomfort in affected dogs.
  • Different species of Brucella infect sheep, goats, cattle, deer, elk, pigs, and other animals.
  • Dogs typically contract Brucella canis through contact with infected body fluids, such as urine, vaginal discharge, or reproductive fluids, from other infected dogs.
  • It can be transmitted to humans through contact with infected bodily fluids.
  • It can manifest in various ways and may include symptoms such as lethargy, fever, swollen lymph nodes, reproductive problems (such as infertility and spontaneous abortion in females), joint pain, and testicular swelling in males.
  • In dogs, the disease is untreatable, and government guidelines advocate for euthanasia as the recommended course of action.
  • Infected dogs are typically isolated to prevent further spread of the disease.
  • Antibiotics may be prescribed to manage symptoms and reduce the bacterial load.
  • However, for humans, effective treatment is available through an extended regimen of antibiotics.