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Cancer Cases : Lancet Study

Cervical Cancer Cases : Lancet Study

A recent study published in The Lancet Regional Health Southeast Asia has revealed that there is a significant regional disparity in the survival rates of cervical cancer patients across India.

Key Findings Of the Study:

  • About 52% of cervical cancer cases diagnosed between 2012 and 2015 survived.
  • Among those that participated in the study, the Ahmedabad urban registry demonstrated the highest survival rate at 61.5%, followed by Thiruvananthapuram with 58.8% and Kollam at 56.1%.
  • In contrast, Tripura reported a survival rate of 31.6%.
  • The study noted that factors such as access to diagnostic services, effective treatment, distance from clinical care facilities, travel costs, co-morbidities, and poverty contributed to survival rates.