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The Consultative Committee meeting of the Ministry of Civil Aviation was held in New Delhi to discuss ‘DIGI YATRA’.

  • It is a project conceived to achieve contactless, seamless processing of passengers at Airports, based on Facial Recognition Technology (FRT).
  • The project envisages that any traveller may pass through various checkpoints at the airport through a paperless and contactless processing, using facial features to establish the identity which would be linked to the boarding pass.
  • It provides a decentralized mobile wallet-based identity management platform which is cost effective and addresses privacy/data protection issues in implementation of Digi Yatra.
  • In the first phase, Digi Yatra is proposed to be rolled out at two Airports namely Varanasi and Bengaluru in August 2022 and at five Airports namely Pune, Vijayawada, Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad by March next year.
  • Airports Authority of India (AAI) will identify their airports where Digi Yatra would be implemented in a phased manner.

Objectives of DIGI YATRA:

  • Enhance passenger experience and provide a simple and easy experience to all air travellers.
  • Achieve better throughput through existing infrastructure using “Digital Framework”.
  • Result in lower cost operations.
  • Digitize current manual processes and to bring better efficiencies
  • Enhance security standards and improve current system performance.
  • Rollout of “Digi Yatra” system with a digital “ID” backed by a strong verifiable government issued identity like AADHAAR.