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Exercise Trishakti Prahar

Exercise Trishakti Prahar:

The Indian military recently concluded exercise Trishakti Prahar — a joint training exercise in North Bengal (close to the strategic ‘Siliguri’ corridor).

  • The aim of the exercise was to practise battle preparedness of the security forces, using latest weapons and equipment in a networked, integrated environment, involving the Army, the IAF and CAPFs.
  • The exercise concluded with an Integrated Fire Power Exercise at the Teesta Field Firing Ranges, aimed at synergising the firepower assets of the Indian Armed Forces and CAPFs to orchestrate an integrated battle.
  • The Siliguri corridor or Chicken’s neck (West Bengal) is a stretch of land bordering Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal, measuring approximately 170×60 km; at the narrowest it is about 20-22 km.