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The National Geospatial Policy, 2022

The National Geospatial Policy, 2022:

After liberalizing the use of geospatial data under the draft geospatial data policy in February 2021, the Ministry of Science and Technology has notified the National Geospatial Policy, 2022.

  • “The National Geospatial Policy, 2022 is a citizen-centric policy that seeks to strengthen the geospatial sector to support national development, economic prosperity and a thriving information economy
  • Aim: The 13-year guideline promote the country’s geospatial data industry and develops a national framework to use such data for improving citizen services, and more.
  • Themes: The policy has divided 14 Geospatial Data Themes to support the development of commercial geospatial applications in various sectors e.g., disaster management, mining, forestry etc.
  • The government will establish an Integrated Data and Information Framework by 2030
  • The government will also establish National Digital Twin for high-resolution topographical survey and mapping by 2035