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Earth’s Hidden Layer : What is the Fifth Layer?

Earth’s Hidden Layer:

Scientists have recently detected the signs of a hidden structure inside the core of Planet Earth. This sign has the potential to change the long-standing narrative of what lies at centre of Earth. This layer is being termed as the fifth layer’.

  • As per the long-standing narrative, there exists four layers namely; crust, mantle, outer core and inner core.
  • Scientists have also spotted reportedly some changes in the structure of iron within the inner core.
  • These changes suggest that a new boundary line’ is stretching for about 650 kilometres from the centre of the Earth.
  • The Daily Mail reports that the researchers are getting the sign of fifth layer for more than a decade.
  • However, the detection was proved near impossible.
  • The researchers are suspecting about the fifth after they study the travel time data of the seismic waves which are travelling inside the Earth.
  • The data was captured by the International Seismological Centre.
  • Following the data, the scientists and researchers used their new algorithm in order to search and discover the evidence of changes in the structure of inner core of the Earth.
  • Though it is difficult to detect the minute changes, the researchers somehow demonstrate that two separate cooling events occurred in the history of the planet.
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