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First Live Culture Of Candida Auris

First Live Culture Of Candida Auris:

Scientists from Delhi University and McMaster University in Canada have made a significant discovery by isolating and studying the first live culture of Candida auris from the ear canals of stray dogs in Delhi.

  • Candida auris is a multi-drug resistant fungus that is capable of causing invasive infections in the human body.
  • It was first identified in Japan in 2009
  • The fungus has been reported in more than 40 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia.
  • It is primarily contracted in healthcare settings such as hospitals and nursing homes.
  • It is generally thought to be spread through contact with contaminated surfaces or by person-to-person transmission.
  • The fungus can either colonize a specific region of the body, such as the skin, rectum, or mouth, without causing symptoms or it can cause severe invasive infections by entering the bloodstream or wounds.
  • Its symptoms are often similar to those of other common diseases, such as fever and chills that do not go away after treatment with antibiotics.
  • It is resistance to multiple classes of antifungal drugs.
  • This makes treatment challenging and often requires the use of combination therapies.