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Gond Tribes And Hattee Community

Gond Tribes And Hattee Community:

A motion has been initiated in Lok Sabha to include Hattee community of Sirmaur district’s Trans-Giri region in the Scheduled Tribes list of Himachal Pradesh. Also, a bill to move in the Gond community from SC to the ST list in four districts of UP has been approved by the Rajya Sabha.

  • A motion is any proposal made for the purpose of eliciting a decision from the House.
  • There can be different types of motions such as Cut motion, Call-attention motion etc.
  • Gond is one of the largest tribal groups speaking the Gondi language (a Dravidian ethnolinguistic group).
  • They are spread over several states- MP, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, etc. They are generally peasants and worship nature.
  • Bhil are the largest Tribe in India (consisting of 38% of the ST population of India)
  • Hattee community : The Hattis are a close-knit community that got their name from their tradition of selling homegrown vegetables, crops, meat, and wool, etc. at small markets called ‘haat’ in towns.
  • The Hatti homeland straddles the Himachal-Uttarakhand border in the basin of the Giri and Tons rivers, both tributaries of the Yamuna.