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Google To unveil Its New AI Chatbot Bard

Google To unveil Its New AI Chatbot Bard:

Google will soon unveil its new AI chatbot Bard in response to Microsoft’s ChatGPT

  • Bard is based on the Language Model for Dialogue Application (LaMDA), Google’s own conversational AI chatbot.
  • It will give in-depth, conversational and essay-style answers just like ChatGPT does right now.
  • However, the model is currently a “lightweight” version of LaMDA, and the one being “requires significantly less computing power, enabling it to scale to more users.
  • It is built on Transformer technology, which is also the backbone of ChatGPT and other AI bots.
  • Transformer technology was pioneered by Google and made open source in 2017.
  • Transformer technology is a Neural Network Architecture, which is capable of making predictions based on inputs and is primarily used in natural language processing and computer vision technology.
  • The architecture determines how the network processes information and influences its accuracy and efficiency in solving a particular problem. Common architectures include feedforward networks, recurrent networks, and convolutional neural networks.
  • ChatGPT has impressed with its ability to respond to complex queries — though with varying degrees of accuracy — but its biggest shortcoming perhaps is that it cannot access real-time information from the Internet.
  • But Microsoft just unveiled a new version of Bing that’s powered by ChatGPT which is a significant improvement of the version of ChatGPT.
  • ChatGPT’s language model was trained on a vast dataset to generate text based on the input, and the dataset, at the moment, only includes information until 2021.
  • Whereas, for questions where there might not be a clear-cut answer, Bard will synthesise a response that reflects differing opinions.