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Guidelines For Uplinking And Downlinking Of Television Channels In India 2022

Guidelines For Uplinking And Downlinking Of Television Channels In India 2022:

The Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry issued a fresh advisory for the implementation of the Guidelines for Uplinking and Downlinking of Television Channels in India 2022.

  • Uplink is a term used to describe a communication line used to send electronic messages to satellites.
  • On the other hand, downlinking refers to the communication path utilised to receive the satellite’s electronic communications.
  • The Union Cabinet had approved the 2022 Guidelines to ease the issue of permissions to the companies/ limited liability partnerships (LLPs) registered in India for –
    • Uplinking and Downlinking of TV Channels,
    • Setting up of Teleports/ Teleport Hubs,
    • Use of Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG)/ Satellite News Gathering (SNG)/ Electronic News Gathering (ENG) systems,
    • Uplinking by Indian News agencies and temporary uplinking of a live event.
  • The content need not be of 30 minutes at a stretch and shall be accounted for cumulatively on a monthly basis i.e. 15 hours per month.
  • The broadcasters have the liberty to modulate their content.
  • The topics of national importance and social relevance embedded in the programmes broadcast by private TV channels would qualify for their obligation.
  • The broadcasters would be required to submit a monthly report on the Broadcast Seva Portal on compliance.
  • The broadcasters will have to keep a record of the content telecast for 90 days.