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India’s First Hybrid Rocket

India’s First Hybrid Rocket:

India’s first hybrid-sounding rocket by private players was launched from Tamil Nadu’s Pattipulam.

  • Martin Foundation, in association with Dr APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation and Space Zone India, launched the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Satellite Launch Vehicle Mission- 2023.
  • The selected students designed and constructed a student satellite launch vehicle (rocket) and 150 PICO satellite research experiment cubes that contained different payloads.
  • The reusable rocket was made by the selected top 100 students, while the rest made the satellites.
  • The rocket can be used for research in weather, atmospheric conditions, and radiation.
  • A hybrid-sounding rocket is a type of rocket that uses a hybrid rocket engine to power its flight.
  • A hybrid rocket engine uses a solid fuel grain and a liquid or gaseous oxidizer to generate thrust.
  • Hybrid-sounding rockets are often used by universities, government agencies, and private companies for scientific research and testing of new technologies because of their low cost