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International Conference On Green Hydrogen (ICGH-2023)

International Conference On Green Hydrogen (ICGH-2023):

The three-day International Conference on Green Hydrogen (ICGH-2023) has commenced in New Delhi.

  • The conference aims to establish a Green Hydrogen ecosystem and foster a systemic approach to global decarbonisation goals.

Themes of the Conference:

  • Hydrogen Production Technologies: This theme will focus on various methods of producing green hydrogen such as electrolysis, thermochemical, biological, photocatalysis, etc.
    • It will also discuss the challenges and opportunities in scaling up these technologies and reducing their costs.
  • Hydrogen Storage and Distribution: This theme will address the issues related to storing and transporting green hydrogen such as compression, liquefaction, metal hydrides, ammonia, etc.
    • It will also explore the potential of hydrogen pipelines, refueling stations, etc.
  • Hydrogen Applications: This theme will showcase the various applications of green hydrogen in different sectors such as mobility, industry, power generation, etc.
    • It will also highlight the benefits and challenges of using green hydrogen as a fuel or feedstock.
  • Green Financing: This theme will explore the various sources and mechanisms of financing green hydrogen projects such as green bonds, carbon credits, subsidies, etc.
    • It will also discuss the role of public-private partnerships, multilateral agencies, etc. in supporting green hydrogen initiatives.
  • Human Resource Development: This theme will focus on the need for developing skilled manpower for the green hydrogen sectors such as engineers, technicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, etc.
    • It will also discuss the strategies for upskilling and reskilling the existing workforce and creating awareness among stakeholders.
  • Startup Ecosystem: This theme will highlight the role of startups in innovating and disrupting the green hydrogen sector.
    • It will also showcase some of the successful startups in this domain and their products or services.