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Jivhala Scheme

Jivhala Scheme:

It is a loan scheme for inmates serving sentences in jails launched by the Maharashtra Department of Prisons.

  • The credit scheme is being offered by the Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank.
  • The pilot was introduced for prisoners at Yerawada Central Jail in Pune, and will gradually be extended to nearly 60 prisons across the state.
  • According to bank and prison officials, this is likely the first kind of credit scheme for prisoners in India.
  • While the loan will be disbursed in the name of the inmate, it will be issued to designated family members.
  • In the initial phase, a loan of Rs 50,000 will be given at a 7 percent interest rate.
  • Of the interest the bank earns, one percent will be given back to the system as a contribution to the Prisoners’ Welfare Fund.
  • The loan will be provided without any requirement of mortgage or guarantor.