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Kanger Valley National Park

Kanger Valley National Park:

Around 200 bird species were documented during the Kanger Valley Bird Survey in state’s first-ever systematic inter-state bird survey.

  • It is located in the state of Chhattisgarh.
  • The name of Kanger Ghati National Park is derived from the Kangar river, which flows in its length.
  • Kanger Valley got the status of a national park in the year 1982.
  • Kanger Valley National Park is a typical mixed humid deciduous type of forest, in which the Sal, Saugaun, teak and bamboo trees are available in abundance.
  • The most popular species in this area is Bastar Maina (The state bird of Chattisgarh).
  • Bastar Maina, is a type of Hill maina (gruncula Dhariosoa), which is capable of emulating the human voices.
  • This National Park is home to three exceptional caves – famous for their amazing geological structures of Kutumbasar, Kailash and Dandak- Stellagmites and Stalactites.
  • National Park is known for the presence of underground limestone caves with dripstone and flowstone.
  • Tirathgarh Waterfall is located in Kanger Valley National Park.