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The death of Anas Hajas, a 31-year-old skating enthusiast from Kerala, while ‘longboarding’ has raised serious concerns about adventurous solo trips undertaken using the skateboard.

  • Basically, a longboard is similar to a skateboard, which is a long plank or board made of wood, plastic, or even heavier materials, balanced on top of small wheels.
  • Players often perform impressive stunts and move downhill from a height on the boards, doing tricky movements even when suspended mid-air.
  • The sport originated in the US around the 1950s, and in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, skateboarding was included as a competitive category for the first time.
  • A longboard is naturally longer but flatter when compared to skateboard boards, which have upward-curving ends usually.
  • There are other technical differences in wheel sizes and distance between wheels. It is believed that longboards are generally sturdier and better suited for longer rides.
  • Longboarding is one among many sports that come under the category of Roller Sports.