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Lunar Codex

Lunar Codex:

A collection of various art made by humans might become immortal with the Lunar Codex programme.

  • Lunar Codex collection of art gathered from artists will be stranded on the lunar surface as a lasting record of human creativity, even in times of war, pandemics, and economic crises.
  • This programme is spearheaded by Samuel Peralta, a semi-retired physicist and art collector from Canada.
  • The collection of varied digitised art will be sent to the moon as a lasting record of human creativity.
  • Lunar Codex is stored on memory cards or laser etched on NanoFiche, a 21st-century update on film-based microfiche. These will ensure that the art forms reach the lunar surface safely.
  • The collection of art is gathered from 30,000 artists, writers, filmmakers, and musicians from 157 countries.
  • The art forms include images, magazines, books, podcasts, movies, and music, which are divided into four capsules.
  • The first such capsule is known as the Orion collection, which has already flown around the moon when it launched on the Orion spacecraft as part of NASA’s Artemis 1 mission last year.
  • In the coming months, a series of lunar landers will take the Lunar Codex capsules to various destinations, in craters at the moon’s South Pole and a lunar plain called Sinus Viscositatis.