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Polypills : Combating Cardiovascular Diseases

Polypills : Combating Cardiovascular Diseases The WHO has recognized the effectiveness of polypills in combating cardiovascular diseases by including them in the Model Lists of Essential Medicines. A polypill is a single pill that contains a combination of multiple medications, typically used for the prevention or treatment of various health conditions. It simplifies medication regimens […]

Palaeo Proxies

Palaeo Proxies: The limitations of temperature estimates from before the invention of thermometers, based on “palaeo proxies.” It calls the claims that a specific day was the warmest in over 100,000 years as scientifically unfounded. Palaeo proxies, short for paleoclimate proxies, are indirect pieces of evidence that scientists use to infer past climate conditions. Since […]

Ayush Visa : New Category Of Ayush

Ayush Visa : New Category Of Ayush The Ministry of Home Affairs recently notified the creation of a new category of Ayush visa for foreign nationals for treatment under Ayush systems/Indian systems of medicine. Ayush Visa is specifically designed for foreign nationals looking to receive medical treatment in India through traditional Indian systems of medicine. […]

MASI Portal

MASI Portal: The Minister of Women and Child Development informed the Rajya Sabha about MASI Portal. Monitoring App for Seamless Inspection (MASI) was developed for synchronous monitoring of the Child Care Institutions (CCIs) and their inspection mechanisms across the country. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has developed this application. The effective […]