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Microsoft Release Phi-2 : Language Model

Microsoft Release Phi-2 : Language Model

Microsoft’s recent release of Phi-2, a small language model marks a significant leap in the world of language models.

  • Positioned as an upgraded version of Phi-1.5, this model boasts capabilities in generative AI that challenge larger counterparts like Llama-2, Mistral, and Gemini-2.
  • The key lies in Phi-2’s training on diverse, “textbook-quality” datasets, empowering it with common sense, language understanding, logical reasoning, and even prowess in solving complex mathematical and physics problems.

Generative Artificial Intelligence:

  • GAI is a rapidly growing branch of AI that focuses on generating new content (such as images, audio, text, etc.) based on patterns and rules learned from data.
  • The rise of GAI can be attributed to the development of advanced generative models, such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Variational Autoencoders (VAEs).