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My Octopus Teacher: Best Documentary Award At Academy Awards

My Octopus Teacher:

The 85-minute documentary feature, My Octopus Teacher, which won the best documentary award at the recently concluded Academy Awards, is about the relationship that developed between a human being and a wild octopus.

  • My Octopus Teacher is a 2020 Netflix Original documentary film directed by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed, which documents a year spent by filmmaker Craig Foster forging a relationship with a wild common octopus in a South African kelp forest.
  • At the 93rd Academy Awards, it won the award for Best Documentary Feature.
  • Kelp forests are underwater areas with a high density of kelp, which covers a large part of the world’s coastlines. They are recognized as one of the most productive and dynamic ecosystems on Earth.
  • Smaller areas of anchored kelp are called kelp beds. Kelp forests occur worldwide throughout temperate and polar coastal oceans.
  • Kelps are large brown algae seaweeds that make up the order Laminariales.