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National Security Advisers (NSAs) Of India, The US, And The UAE

National Security Advisers (NSAs) Of India, The US, And The UAE:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosted a special meeting of the National Security Advisers (NSAs) of India, the US, and the UAE.

  • The discussions aimed to strengthen relations and ties between the countries in a way that enhances growth and stability in the region.
  • The meeting focused on regional initiatives on infrastructure.
  • The meeting sought to advance their shared vision of a more secure and prosperous Middle East region interconnected with India and the world.
  • Among the projects discussed, a plan to connect Gulf countries via a railway network and connect to India via shipping lanes from “two ports” in the region is highlighted.
  • This is meant to provide a counter to China’s Belt and Road initiative and other inroads in the region.
  • The idea for the initiative came up during talks held over the past 18 months by the I2U2.
  • The I2U2 Quad, works on connecting “South Asia to the Middle East to the United States in ways that advance economic technology and diplomacy”.