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Patharughat 1894 Peasant Protest : Keypoints


Twenty-five years before the Jallianwallah Bagh massacre, more than a hundred peasants fell to the bullets of the British on January 28, 1894 in Patharughat, a small village in Assam’s Darrang district.

  • The unarmed peasants were protesting against the increase in land revenue levied by the colonial administration, when the military opened fire.
  • On January 28, 1894, many local peasants gathered in a protest meeting at Patharughat (also known as Patharighat), condemning the increasing land tax levied by the British.
  • As a result, a rebellion brewed in the hearts of the peasants against the British.
  • After much discussion amongst themselves, it was decided that no taxes would be paid to the British, until a proper solution was found to the problem. They were even willing to revolt against the British for the cause.
  • While the protest meeting was going on, Deputy Commissioner of Darrang district, JD Anderson, Mr Barrington, SP and Mr Remington, SDO, arrived at the venue along with full police force.
  • On the orders of Barrington, the police opened fire on the gathering present there. hundreds of people were injured and around 140 of them were killed on spot.
  • Every year on January 28, the government and local people pay respects to the martyrs of the incident (Krishak Swahid Diwas).