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Peter Pan Syndrome

Peter Pan Syndrome:

A special court in Mumbai granted bail to an accused of sexually assaulting a minor as he was suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome (PPS).

  • A syndrome is a combination of symptoms and signs that together represent a disease process.
  • PPS is a psychological condition that is used to describe an adult who is socially immature.
  • People who develop similar behaviours of living life carefree, finding responsibilities challenging in adulthood, and basically never growing up suffer from PPS.
  • The term was coined by psychologist Dan Kiley to explain the behaviour of such men who ‘refuse to grow’ and behave their age in 1983.
  • Dan Kiley got the idea of PPS after noticing Peter Pan, a fictional character created by Scottish novelist James Matthew Barrie.
  • Peter Pan was a care-free young boy, who never grew up.
  • While the WHO (World Health Organization) does not recognise Peter Pan Syndrome as a health disorder, many experts believe it is a mental health condition that can affect one’s quality of life.


  • PPS hasn’t officially been diagnosed as a health disorder, there are no clearly-defined symptoms or characteristics or even reasons which cause it.
  • However, it could affect one’s daily routine, relationships, work ethic, and result in attitudinal changes.