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PM-DevINE Scheme

PM-DevINE Scheme:

The Union Ministry for the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region provided recent updates on the Prime Minister’s Development Initiative for North Eastern Region (PM-DevINE).

  • The PM-DevINE scheme as a Central Sector scheme, was introduced as a part of the Union Budget 2022-23.
  • The Cabinet granted approval for the PM-DevINE scheme on 12th October 2022.
  • It has been granted 100% Central funding, ensuring that resources are directly allocated to the development initiatives.
  • It will be implemented by Ministry of Development of North-East Region.
  • Objectives of PM-DevINE:
    • Infrastructure Development: In line with the spirit of PM GatiShakti, PM-DevINE aims to fund infrastructure projects in a cohesive manner, ensuring seamless connectivity and accessibility across the NER.
    • Supporting Social Development Projects: Recognizing the unique needs and challenges of the NER, the scheme endeavors to support social development projects that address critical issues and improve the overall quality of life for the region’s inhabitants.
    • Empowering Youth and Women: PM-DevINE seeks to create livelihood opportunities specifically targeting the youth and women of the NER, enabling them to participate actively in the region’s development and progress.
  • Budget Allocation:
    • The scheme received an initial allocation of Rs. 1500 crore in the Union Budget 2022-23.
    • Over the 4-year period from 2022-23 to 2025-26, which aligns with the remaining years of the 15th Finance Commission period, the scheme has an overall outlay of Rs. 6,600 crore.
    • A state-wise, project-wise list of projects approved during FY 2022-23 has been laid out, with each project tailored to address the specific needs of the respective states.