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Practice Of Forum Shopping

Practice Of Forum Shopping:

The Chief Justice of India (CJI) has condemned the practice of Forum Shopping after a litigant mentioned the hearing before CJI although he had mentioned the same case a day before another Judge.

  • Forum shopping refers to the practice of deliberately choosing a specific court for a legal case in the hope of getting a favorable outcome.
  • Litigants and lawyers often consider this strategy as part of their litigation plan.
  • It can allow plaintiffs to seek justice and compensation in a court that is more sympathetic to their claims or interests.
  • It can encourage competition and innovation among courts and judges to improve their efficiency and quality of service.
  • Forum shopping has been criticized by judges because it can lead to injustice for the opposing party and create an imbalance in the workload of different courts.
  • Judges have cited the overburdening of some courts over others and interfering with judicial process.
  • It can undermine the authority and legitimacy of courts and judges by creating perceptions of bias or favoritism.
  • It can increase the costs and complexity of litigation by creating conflicts of laws and multiple proceedings.