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Rani Chennamma

Rani Chennamma:

Commemorating the 200th anniversary of Rani Chennamma’s rebellion, social groups across India are organizing a national campaign called “Naanoo Rani Chennamma” (I am Rani Chennamma too).

  • This campaign aims to empower women to fight against patriarchal, anti-democratic, and casteist forces in the country, drawing inspiration from Rani Chennamma’s legacy of courage and resistance.
  • Rani Chennamma the Queen of Kittur, led the Kittur revolt of 1824, one of the earliest woman-led anti-colonial struggles against British rule in India.
  • Born in 1778 in present-day Karnataka, she married Raja Mallasarja of Kittur and played a crucial role in defending her kingdom after his death.
  • When the British refused to recognize her adopted son as the successor under the ‘doctrine of lapse’, she led a rebellion against them.
  • Despite initial success, the British eventually captured Kittur Fort in December 1824, leading to Rani Chennamma’s imprisonment and subsequent death in 1829. ‘
  • Her bravery and leadership in resisting colonial oppression have made her a symbol of Karnataka’s political imagination and a significant figure in Indian history.