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Sweden’s NATO Membership

Sweden’s NATO Membership:

Hungary’s parliament voted to approve Sweden’s bid to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), making it the 32nd nation to join the alliance.

  • NATO, a vital transatlantic military and political alliance, ensures collective security for its member countries. Established in 1949 by 12 founding nations, with a majority from Europe and North America, it remains a cornerstone of international stability.
  • NATO is headquartered at Boulevard Leopold III in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Alliances of NATO:
    • Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC)
    • Mediterranean Dialogue fosters security and stability in the Mediterranean by enhancing relations between participating countries and NATO Allies.
    • Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) offers non-NATO countries in the broader Middle East region the opportunity to cooperate with NATO, aiming to enhance regional security.
    • “NATO plus” refers to a security arrangement of NATO and the five treaty allies of the U.S. — Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel, and South Korea as members — to enhance “global defence cooperation” and win the “strategic competition with the Chinese Communist Party”.
    • NATO Plus is not an officially recognised or established concept within NATO.